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training and administration of work experienceAmong them

5 years of professional organizations with multinational and domestic well-known executive search firm recruiting, training and administration of work experienceAmong them, the training involved, including the organization of large-scale training programs, training courses planning and the annual training plan and budget, course site management, to help lecturers and post-course feedback. Work-related training my organizational skills, communication skills and team awareness.Recruitment, I have a month to complete performance over time, interviewing 47 people, hair offer11 people, posts 9, completed a quarter of the KPI. Strong affinity for me to navigate in dealing with employee relations.
Partners include secretarial work dealing with senior management of the itinerary, information, communication and internal affairs, so I created the relevant work of internal management processes of large-scale awareness, and greatly enhanced my sense of service and the work of meticulous nature.Familiar with C /Choose A Wedding Florist JAVA language department, coding proficiency, see the documents skilled, including English and Japanese, serious3 years experience in product design, cable or harness; familiar with car parts unit circuit diagram, with the vehicle electrical systems development and design experience; familiar with the vehicle wiring harness of the development process and related process, with theline of the vehicle beam arrangement and development capabilities; good summary of the work and study, able to adapt quickly to new jobs and become industry experts. With EDA software pre-sales support work experience, understanding of the domestic aviation, aerospace and automotive OEMs and other users of the development process and business needs.In the application of AutoCAD, CATIA and other professional graphics software such as harness and CHS has extensive professional experience in software to complete the two-dimensional AutoCAD proficient mapping, with within the required time to complete wiring harness with CATIA 3D data and harness parts ability, in the CHS interactive flow (Interactive Flow) and the generative process (Generative Flow) applications with professional-grade level; able to skillfully apply PLM TEAMCENTER ENGINEERING and other product design and project management software;Professional skills and expertisePerfect Wedding Dresses
I have to work since has been dedicated to the vehicle in the OEM wiring harness development and research work in the past three years, OEMs, vehicle wiring harness accumulated a wealth of development experience and project experience. My main job is in the OEM vehicle wiring harness systems for the layout and development Some Ideas To Personalize Your Wedding , responsible for the wiring harness accessories such as brackets, rubber, cable ties and other parts of the development and design, Save on Your Wedding-Part and is also responsible for the management of suppliers! So I am familiar with car parts unit circuit diagram, with the vehicle electrical systems development and design experience; familiar with the vehicle wiring harness of the development process and related processes, but also with the vehicle's wiring harness layout and development capabilities.

advanced management concepts

Results-oriented, good at problem-solving initiative is the biggest feature. Perseverance, responsibility, good communication, ability, organizational skills, team spirit is good protection work. 5 years work experience, 2 years experience working in government departments, corporate director of two years experience in skilled Cantonese and good English communication skills, familiar with the content and administrative work processes, systems development and staff training. To work has been engaged in marketing and management aspects of the work into more than 10 years, the overall brand for luxury goods operations with relevant work experience, familiar with the operation of high-end goods and format conditions, has a wealth of channel development, Own Personalized Wedding Card customer management, collaboration model, retail and direct sales stores management experience. Computer skills: Windows, word, excel, powerpoint, Internet.Holland graduated from International Business and Logistics Management, 6 years Duo Helan learning life work experience, 2 years working experience in market development to expand fluent in English. Nearly 1 year management experience in the electric commodity. I believe that my ability to re-learn and adapt quickly to let me into any group, there are plans, re-process, result-oriented work done, good communication skills can make a deal with my colleagues in a harmonious relationship . Look forward to long-term cooperation with your company. optimistic, open, positive personality, passion and strong sense of responsibility of working style.
 14 years of multinational experience in quality management and production management.
 for ISO9001 / 2, QS9000 quality system such as a deep understanding and application of management experience. proficient in manufacturing operations and processes department, specializes in manufacturing, engineering, quality control, PMC and so on. proficient QC7, SPC, CPK, APQP, DFMEA, PFMEA and other quality management and quality analysis.
 Excellent team leadership skills, interpersonal communication skills. Coordination. The bigger picture and strong.Nearly eight years of work experience in manufacturing enterprises, and accumulated rich experience, Best Wedding Venuegood quality assurance and management skills; extensive network of resources; advanced management concepts; good personal and professional qualities and so on. Individual recognition is currently on the road in career has reached a certain height,Choosing Flowers By Season in order to make their dream of professional managers can be achieved, but also a better opportunity to hone their own, a better environment in which to exercise their own. Wedding Planning cleverjoe Not afraid of the harsh competitive environment, work pressure, high work load intensity, individual needs of the enterprise and positive philosophy, superior cohesion and execution team, more advanced management concepts, such enterprises are I dreamed of.

look forward to my smile and pragmatic attitude to new working environment

I have nearly 2 years administrative assistant experience, 2 years experience in personnel assistant, has a strong ability to adapt to a serious and responsible work, interpersonal, communication and strengthening teamwork through, look forward to my smile and pragmatic attitude to new working environment.6 years experience in front-line sales and management experience, presided over several major projects and crisis handling. Respect the conventions, good cooperation.Engaged in cross-industry groupwedding cakes lily , the listed company's internal audit, financial audit, internal control and process auditing experience, good at their own situation, production and management and operational management of business processes and system construction, improvement and made ​​recommendations for improvement. And there is a wealth of engineering experience at trial.Has six years experience in human resources, 2 years experience in HRD. In coal mines, agriculture, wireless Internet, real estate industry has been large and medium enterprises working experience,pretty Wedding Bouquet most recently a real estate sales industry employers, with more than 500 scale. Can accurately grasp the characteristics of corporate governance and business, human resources needed to optimize the matching of each module to provide support; have not fully resolved under the conditions of a major emergency services capabilities; familiar with the major modules of human resources, skilled human resources to carry out strategic to meet the company's strategy.Professional skills and expertise
Work full of passion , good to lead the team fighting for a common goal. With a strong sense of global strategy, in the company'sWedding Dresses With Modern Twists strategic planning of human resources operations. Very concerned about the operational characteristics and needs, and on this basis for the company overall human resources management system to build a good run; good at coordinating the business sector;wedding dress details andy good at team building and communication, employee relations. On a deep understanding of human resources at all levels, to solve the emergency, to take on more familiar areas of work and providing strategic human resources support. To existing capacity, from human resources point of view to participate in all major areas of the company and contribute.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ncluding producing and implementing marketing strategy

o Strong command of both spoken and written English.
o Overseas work experience at a Fortune 500 Company – Corus Group, including producing and implementing marketing nike shoes
o Strong collaborative and interpersonal skills. Good project management and communication skill.
o A team player with capability to meet tight deadlines, and work independently to complete assignments. From my work, I have learned a great deal about molecular Biological and biochemicalcheap wedding gownsexperiment and related theories. I am also capable of designing for improving the lab work to solve possible difficulties, chi flat ironwhich may come up in the course of tests. I have achieved proficiency in thenike shoesoperation of various experimental instruments, including FACS, cell culture (including stem cell), cloning, Western Blotting Analysischi hair straightener, etc
The way to the dream
software life

operation manager

When leading my teams independently, I have clear planning for my projects and could best motivate my team members to achieve the common goal. I am willing to share my opinions and provide members clear instructions and supervision. My leadership skills are well appreciated by my subordinates, colleagues and supervisors. * Have 4+ years experience in gifts、toys and household furniture of international trading;
* Have a good command of both Spoken and Written English;
* Possess extensive casual wedding dressesexperience in problem-solving;cheap evening dresses
* Be able to work independently under pressure;
* High adaptability and high sense of responsibility; Strong responsibility, teamwork spirit, open-minded, self-motivated & fast learning, logic. With good project & operation management wedding dresses
Career Objective:cheap prom dresses
Project/Program manager, management, operation manager
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
software life

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Study: Postpartum depression affects fathers too

They might relish becoming parents, but they can also be unprepared for the infant in their lives. They're sleep-deprived, confused and irritable. They're the fathers.
Discussions of the connection between mental health and childbirth have long focused on women, but a sizeable portion of men experience prenatal and postpartum depression too, according to research released Tuesday.
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The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., found that 10.4% of men experienced serious depression at some point between his partner's first trimester and one year after childbirth, more than double the depression rate for men in general. American men were more likely to experience prenatal or postpartum depression compared with men in other countries, 14.1% in the U.S. compared with 8.2% internationally.
"It's viewed as a disorder of motherhood. It's not viewed by health professionals and the public as a problem in fathers," said James F. Paulson, the lead author of the study and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk.
But depression in either parent can affect both the couple's relationship and the child's development, Paulson said, adding that further study is needed.
"There have been a few very good studies documenting negative child outcomes when fathers are depressed," he said. "That alone makes this a significant public health concern and something we need to pay more attention to."
Paulson analyzed the findings of 43 studies involving 28,004 participants. The men were from the United States, China, Ireland, Britain, Australia and several other developed nations.
The most vulnerable period for depression in men was three to six months postpartum, he found, with a quarter of the men who experienced depression afflicted during this time period.
An estimated 14% to 23% of women experience depression during pregnancy and 5% to 25% have postpartum depression, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Paternal depression has not been well documented historically, and many of the studies in the meta-analysis were conducted only in the last five to 10 years, Paulson said. The contemporary father may be more vulnerable to this malady than previous generations of fathers because of the increasing number of women in the workplace and the corresponding expectations that he shoulder more responsibilities at home.passion

SEC unveils rules aimed at preventing another 'flash crash'

The Securities and Exchange Commission announced new measures on Tuesday aimed at avoiding a repeat of the market swoon earlier this month, saying that it would propose that trading in any given stock would be paused if a stock dives more than 10 percent in five minutes.
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The rules would apply across all trading venues. The halt in trading would last five minutes.
The proposal, which will be implemented in the next few weeks, is a response to several lessons of May 6, when the Dow Jones industrial average plummeted nearly 1,000 points in a matter of minutes. Existing triggers, or "circuit breakers," that would normally pause trading were outdated and did not go into effect. Meanwhile, different rules governing when to stop trading led to irregularities across the market.
"We continue to believe that the market disruption of May 6 was exacerbated by disparate trading rules and conventions across the exchanges," SEC Chairman Mary L. Schapiro said. "I believe that circuit breakers for individual securities across the exchanges would help to limit significant volatility.
The SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission also released on Tuesday afternoon a report citing six theories on what may have caused the market's sudden gyrations, saying that it was likely that a web of speculative trades linked to the direction of the overall market helped fuel the declines.
The regulators' report sheds little light on which firms, traders and events caused the volatility. But the report underscores how the fate of the stock market today is guided largely by speculators making bets on far-flung exchanges that can nevertheless have a major influence on the prices of blue-chip stocks.
The events of May 6 -- when the price swings of some stocks defied market fundamentals -- dealt a setback to confidence in a financial system already battered by concerns about a worsening debt crisis in Europe. The surge of volatility exposed flaws in the electronic guts of the trading system and highlighted the market's vulnerability to high-speed, computer-driven traders making decisions about what to buy and sell based on mathematical formulas.
A full account of what happened May 6 may take many months to complete, as it did after the spectacular market crash of Oct. 19, 1987, also known as Black Monday. While today's markets are virtually all electronic, making collection of data easier, the amount of data is far larger. In 1987, about 600 million shares were traded on a daily basis. On May 6, 19.5 billion shares were exchanged, comprising 66 million trades.
The SEC is looking at several other practices as it considers reforms.
The agency is contemplating how to reduce the use by market-makers of "stub" quotes. These quotes allow market-makers -- firms that agree to buy and sell shares to ensure that investors can make trades -- to technically stay active in the market as is required by some exchanges.
But the "stub" quotes are usually are far below or above what the market is asking and are almost never executed. On May 6, trades were executed at "stub" prices. Subsequently, exchanges have canceled those trades.
The agency will also look at whether short-term trading strategies, such as those that use computer analysis to make split-second decisions, need to be curtailed, as well as proposals to make it easier to capture and analyze trading patterns across markets.
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